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Cannot send print jobs to our primary printer


I have an RS/6000 which has a 4224 printer attached to S2 as our
primary printer. It was working before I started to add more printers
to my system. Now, when I try to add a virtual printer for this
printer, an error is given to me stating that the qconfig file cannot
be digested.


   You need to restart the qdaemon system by the following process:

      1.)  stopsrc -cs qdaemon
      2.)  ps -e | grep qd
      3.)  kill -9 (any pids resulting from step 2.)
      4.)  ps -e | grep pio
      5.)  kill -9 (any pids resulting from step 4.)
      6.)  rm /usr/lpd/qdir/*
              - If directory exists
      7.)  rm /usr/lpd/stat/_dev_*
              - If directory exists
      8.)  rm /var/spool/lpd/stat/*
      9.)  rm /var/spool/lpd/qdir/*
     10.)  rm /var/spool/qdaemon/*
     11.)  rm /etc/qconfig.bin
     12.)  startsrc -s qdaemon

 Now, we will add a virtual printer to the system. Going through smit
and adding a virtual printer gives us the following error messages:

digest: error in config file /etc/qadm.config, line 101.
digest: (FATAL ERROR): No device line in queue stanza.  
mkque: (FATAL ERROR): Error from digester /usr/lpd/digest, 
       status = -1024, rv = 11627

0782-321 The mkque command used to generate the print queue has
failed.  Use local problem reporting procedures, or press Enter to

This type of error generally indicates a format problem with
the /etc/qconfig file. It often happens when WordPerfect queues
have been added.

Going to /etc/qconfig and vi qconfig. It looks like there is no
definition for lp0 inside this file.

 We should delete the definition of this printer by using smit and
deleting the database definition.

 Now, add the printer under smit. No errors are reported. Now,
sending info to the printer via the cat command produces an 
error in the printer side. Seems like a baud rate problem.

  You have reconfigured the printer and you are able to print,
but after the printout is finished, there are at least 6 pages
ejected. Looks like a form feed problem. When you press form feed on
your printer, 8 pages are ejected. I insist you check your
configuration again on the printer and you have found that the page
length is set to 660. You need to correct that.

chvirprt -q lp0 -d lpo -a "l=66"

  Inside your qconfig file, make sure the following lines are 
there for lp0:

        device = lp0
        file = /dev/lp0
        header = never
        trailer = never
        access = both
        backend = /usr/lib/lpd/piobe

 Making the virtual printer now works.

Support Line: Cannot send print jobs to our primary printer ITEM: H1974L
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