0303-155 bosboot mkfs failed for /tmp/Bootram.fs.

  AIX 4.1.4
  RISC J30

 The fullsystem backup using sysback is failing
 with this error message:

 error: filesystem helper: implementation-specific error,
 0303-155  bosboot mkfs failed for /tmp/Bootram.fs. 

Action Taken:
   The command is failing on the bosboot command being 
   called from sysback's /usr/sbin/mkboottape4 script

   I had the customer add these lines to the script:

  at about line 320 in the script

           else \# Local tape

set -x      \#ADD THIS LINE
cp /tmp/$proto /tmp/proto  \#ADD THIS LINE

                bosboot -a -d$devname -p /tmp/$proto -T $platform \\
                        -k $bootdir/unix_$kernel
                if test $? -ne 0
                   then cancel 1

Had the customer rerun the command again, which failed.

from the command line I had the customer do this:

1.  cp /tmp/proto /tmp/rs6ksmp.tape.proto

2.  bosboot -a -d/dev/rmt0.1 -p /tmp/rs6ksmp.tape.proto -T rs6ksmp 
    -k /usr/lib/boot/unix_mp

This works from the command line, but the same command will fail
within the mkboottape script with the error message above.

From doing a search found out this is a known defect with
the ack command.  

AIX LEVEL    PTF      APAR        FILESET     Version
  4.1.4     U441934  IX56506

  Before running the sysback command do this:
  export LANG=C

  This corrected the problem

Action Plan:
  Sending out the fix to the customer


Support Line: 0303-155 bosboot mkfs failed for /tmp/Bootram.fs. ITEM: BV1748L
Dated: March 1997 Category: N/A
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