ITEM: M5077L

Can't run update_all with sna 2.1 on the system


   Env: AIX 3.2.4 upgrading to AIX 3.2.5

   Desc: Customer called back when the installation of two ptfs 
         failed.  U491079 and U491078 both had prereq of
         SNA services version 1.2  His system has SNA services
         version 2.1  I did research into what these ptf's were 
         and found the following:
              When you do a update_all or try to install the
              U493250 (maintenace level for bos.obj 3.2)
              It has a preq of U491150 which has a ifreq of
              sna and snamEn_US.
              U491191 is upgrade image for SNA version 1.2
              U491192 is upgrade for SNA language version 1.2
              Both of the above ptfs prereq sna ver 1.2.
              SNA ver 2.1 is beta code and you cannot upgrade
              to a new maitenance level with this beta code on 
              the system.

ACTION:  You will have to remove sna 2.1 with a rmlpp script since
         you committed the software.

Support Line: Can't run update_all with sna 2.1 on the system ITEM: M5077L
Dated: September 1994 Category: N/A
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