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Two filesystems will not automount.


I have two systems, one is at 3.2.4 and one is at 3.2.5.

On each system we have two filesystems that sometimes will not 
automount when the system comes up. These are /usr/local and 
/usr/local/lpp.  I can mount these myself from the command line 
once the system is up, but I don't want to have to do this. I 
have been looking in the AIX Technical Library/6000 and found 
APAR ix35191, which looks to me like the same problem.  In 
attempting to force the problem, I went to these directories 
and started a process which writes to the filesystems. I then 
shut the machine off.  In this case, the problem occurs probably 
75% of the time.

There are three solution that I can try.

 1> I can edit the rc file and add mount after the automount command.
 2> I can run the syncvg command in the foreground.
 3> I cannot use mirroring on the filesystem.

I would like to get around all of these. "/" and "/tmp" are not full and
I have plenty of room in the two filesystems. We are planning to use
this system in a HACMP environment.

What is my best solution?


 There is a different workaround that you might try other than running
 syncvg in the foreground. The following shell code has been used by
 some customers to still run syncvg in the background but to prevent
 the filesystems from being mounted until the syncvg is complete. This
 has the advantage of at least letting work proceed which does not
 require the filesystems which are mounted via "mount all" in /etc/rc.
 The code is as follows:

 In rc.boot instead of "/etc/syncvg -v rootvg &" put:

   rm -f /etc/syncvg.out
   /etc/syncvg -v rootvg > /etc/syncvg.out 2>&1
   echo $? >> /etc/syncvg.out
 } &

 In /etc/rc after "\# Perform all auto mounts" put:

 while [ ! -f /etc/syncvg.out ]
   dspmsg 7 ' Waiting on syncvg to complete...0
   sleep 5
 dspmsg 8 'syncvg return value=0
 cat /etc/syncvg.out
 rm -f /etc/syncvg.out

 This will cause mount all to wait on the syncvg command.

 The mount is failing simply because the device is in use at the time
 by the syncvg command. This happens when it takes a while to perform

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