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Techlib questions from xdt


    I have recently installed Techlib 6000 on my system.  How do I access
it and how can I create an item for it in Xdesktop (xdt)?


 To run the technical library, you can type (from an AIXterm

        info -l techlib -g

 To create an icon in xdt (Xdesktop) you need to:

        1.  Create a directory called Techlib (or whatever you choose)
        2.  Go into that directory and create the needed objscr files

 The objscr files you need to create are based on what action you want
   the, to act on.  They are encoded as follows:

                s = double click on icon
                d = drag something onto icon
                h = hold button down on icon
                1 = left mouse button
                2 = middle mouse button
                3 = right mouse button

  So, a file named s1.objscr would run when you double clicked the
   left button on that icon.  d2.objscr would execute when you dragged
   some other icon with the middle button onto your icon and so on.

  These objscr files use a basic scripting language.  You want to
    execute the techlib upon double clicking the left mouse button on
    the icon you created.  You would then make a file called s1.objscr
    that would contain the line:

                info -l techlib -g &

  You then need to select 'open directory' from the menu and enter the
    full name of the directory you created.  This will give you a new
    desktop for that directory.  You can drag the icon for that 
    directory from the new desktop onto the original one to make it
    a permanent item there.  Your program (in this case techlib) should
    be inside the directory already.  If it isn't you will need to choose
    'open object' from the Power directory and follow the instructions
    it gives you.

  You can also customize the icon that it creates for you using the
    icon editor (found in the Power directory) and placing the picture
    you created in a file called picture.px and putting that in the 
    techlib directory you created.

  For more information about creating items you should look at the 
    book called AIXwindows and AIXwindows Desktop User's Guide 
    (order number SC23-3114-00).  You can find this book in info
    explorer also.

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