Setting up Genicom printers with 128 port


can't set up printers with 128 port


Env:3.2.5 370 128port Genicom printer
Desc:Customer can't get printer to work,queue goes into dev-wait.
Act:He had build a NL cable I had Laney jumper 2 and 7 back to system and
turn on xon/xoff and sticky xon/xoff and dtr to no. That resolve his problem.
Cable DRAWING for Genicom printer
   8-Wire (128 port)      Printer
         RJ-45               DB-25

         DCD 1---------------20 DTR
     +---RTS 2
     |    FG 3----------------1 FG
     |   TxD 4----------------3 RxD
     |   RxD 5----------------2 TxD
     |    SG 6----------------7 SG
     +---CTS 7
         DTR 8

Support Line: Setting up Genicom printers with 128 port ITEM: AB1781L
Dated: August 1994 Category: N/A
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