configuring a 3494 tape library to an sp2

  RISC sp2
  AIX 4.1.3
  3494, 2 tape drives, TTY lmcp, SCSI connection to two 
  SP2 nodes, ethernet connected.


Trying to set up a tape library, which is attached
to an sp2 wide node.

The software on the node is:
  Atape.driver       COMMITTED  IBM AIX Enhanced Tape and
  atldd.driver       COMMITTED  IBM Automated Tape Library

mtlib -l /dev/lmcp0 -q S -v
Performing Query Statistical Data using /dev/lmcp0
Query  operation Error - Library is Offline to Host.


   Obtain tcpip address and fully qualified host name of rs6k.                 
        then go to os/2 machine and
   Open service menu at library manager.                                     
      (If prompted for password, try "service")                                 
   Open Utilities->Service Window                                            
   Ping rs6k from library manager.
   At library manager, use host command to obtain fully qualified            
      name of rs6k host.                                                        
   At rs6k, check content of /etc/ibmatl.conf.                                 
      \    \           \
      3494            ledzep  
   At rs6k, kill and restart library manager daemon.                           
   At rs6k, Verify communication using mtlib.                                  
    mtlib -l /dev/lmcp0 -qL 
   At rs6k Verify library device numbers for installed devices.                           

     tapeutil -f/dev/rmt0 mtdevice 
   Query list of devices from library manager.                              
      mtlib -l /dev/lmcp0 -D
   Make sure library manager is in auto mode.                 
        (is in auto mode)
    Host is running DNS. The library manager doesn't have the
   DNS fully qualified name.  Customer removed the host name and
   re-installed using the full DNS name and aliased to short host.

   (mtlib now works!)

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