Sysback Fixhist -

                \# AIX System Backup & Recovery/6000 \#
                \#   Version 3 Release 3 Mod 2       \#
                \#           FIX HISTORY             \#
 \# The change history below indicates the specific fixes applied to the
\# current version of Sysback. The last digit if the product level is the
\# FIX ID, and is incremented by 1 each time a new fix level is released.
\# Each fix level may contain more than one change, usually produced the
\# same day.
\# To tell whether a fix has been appiled, run "lslpp -h sysback.obj".
\#    For trial isntallations:
\#       03.03.0000.2005 = Ver 3 Rel 3 Mod 2 Fix 5
\#    For product installations:
\#       03.03.2000.0005 = Ver 3 Rel 3 Mod 2 Fix 5
\#    If updates have been applied:
\#       03.03.2000.0005.SB005 = Fix 5 appled to Ver 3 Rel 3 Mod 2
\# The SEVERITY or TYPE of problem is indicated prior to each specific
\# fix. The codes are as follows:
\#    1 = Very High Severity. Fixes a problem which could potentially 
\#        cause data or system to be unavailabe until fix is applied. 
\#        Affects less customers than pervasive problems.
\#    2 = High Severity. Customers experiencing the problem would require
\#        technical support assistance in a resolution, although the
\#        problem does not pose potential data loss or system outage.
\#    3 = Medium Severity. Fixes a problem in a function which is not
\#        working as expected but customer can continue working
\#        normally.
\#    4 = Low Severity. This is usually a trivial fix which is not
\#        noticed by most customers and is easily worked around.
\#    C = Cosmetic fix only. Has no affect on program.
\#    D = Documentation change.
\#    E = Enhancement. Provides new or enhances existing function.
\#    P = Pervasive! Fixes a bug that will strongly affect many customers
\#        (i.e. fixes failure with installation process or a backup 
\#        problem that is not apparent until restore is attempted).

=== ======== === =======================================================
 0  2/3/96       Initial 3.3.2 Mod Level Release - includes the following 
                 changes from Sysback
              E  Virtual devices may now be used with the sbread, 
                 sbwrite, sbfwd and sbdevice commands directly.
              E  It is no longer possible to configure the Sysback 
                 Remote Services more than once. This prevents the 
                 sbclient command from hanging due to inetd daemon 
                 problems on AIX 4.1.
              4  sbread and sbwrite commands were allowing access
                 to remote directories in which the server did not grant 
              2  "size =" options stripped out of /etc/filesystems 
                 file used for reinstalling the system. This caused 
                 errors creating the filesystem if the size value was 
                 not the same as the logical volume size.
              E  Logical volumes permission and ownership retained
                 after reinstall and when recreating LVs on a running 
              E  Volume groups created using original major device 
                 number during reinstall and recreating volume groups 
                 on a running system. This is necessary in HACMP 
              E  Filesystem and paging space stanzas removed from 
                 /etc/filesystems and /etc/swapspaces files respectively
                 if user chose not to create the corresponding logical 
                 volumes during install.
              E4 Server IP address may be entered by user when 
                 configuring network boot clients in case server has 
                 multiple IP addresses. Added to smit with default
                 IP address and -S flag added to mksbnetboot command.

 1  2/09/96   E  Changed installation packaging to allow future
                 updates, rather than complete refreshes, to be applied.
              E  Added environment variables for use by pre-backup,
                 post-backup and post-install scripts. These include:

 2  2/12/96   E  Automatically turn on extended filemarks for 8mm
                 tape drives when running System Backup to reduce I/O
                 errors on worn tape drives.
              E  Added no-rewind (-n) option to jfsrestore program
                 to allow verifies and full filesystem restores of
                 sequential images without rewinding in-between.

 3  2/13/96   3  Use of remote virtual devices required that both
                 the virtual and physical devices be defined on the 
                 server for use by the client. Changed so that if a 
                 virtual device is defined, the client can use either the
                 remote virtual device or any of the physical devices
                 defined therein.
              C  Supress error messages from bootinfo command
                 when backups executed by non-root user. This does not
                 affect the backup.
              2  sysinit4 program not found when running conversion
                 routine after system is migrated to AIX Version 4.
                 sysinit program was moved to new directory.
                 TEMP FIX: Reinstalling Sysback will correct the problem.

 4  2/14/96   4  Network boot clients not appearing in SMIT when 
                 selecting to remove a network boot client. TEMP FIX:
                 change filename from /tftpboot/{client}.info to 
                 /tftpboot/{client}.sbinfo. It will then appear in SMIT.
              C  Added message to SMIT command output (F6) screens,
                 informing users to ignore "sbsmitout" previx when
                 executing commands outside of SMIT. Using "sbsmitout"
                 will lock up processes executed in the background.
              4  When selecting a remote device in SMIT, the remote
                 hostname may come up different on the screen than was
                 configured by the client if the server used a different
                 default hostname.

 5  2/22/96   E  Selecting a remote install image during a system
                 install would not allow user to continue without 
                 selecting an image for each volume group. This now
                 only applies to rootvg. If no image selected for all
                 other VGs, only warning message shown and user may
                 select to continue.

 6  2/27/96   2  When creating a network boot image on an rs6k system
                 for an rs6ksmp client, the boot image was being created
                 using the UP kernel, therefore the client would boot to
                 an LED 911.
              1  For RAID disks configured as single disks >10 GB, 
                 the installation process reported negative amount of
                 disk space available. User was unable to continue
                 since program thought not enough space was available.

 7  2/28/96   E  Logical volume ownership was not being retained
                 after reinstall or when recreating a volume group on
                 an active system. Also, logical volume permissions
                 were not retained for rootvg logical volume during
                 install. LV permissions are also reset after importing
                 as well as recreating.
              4  sbclient command was exiting with incorrect error
                 "connection refused" if client user did not have
                 permission to execute remote commands on the server.
                 This bug was posted in above.
              C  If server is not available when attempting to
                 configure a remote server, error message is misleading,
                 indicating that server has not enabled access to the
                 client. Message changed to reflect that server may
                 be down.

 8  3/4/96    E  Added use of client configuration file which will
                 allow future support for booting from one server and
                 using another to serve the /usr filesystem. This
                 feature will be formally added in a later release.
              3  remakevg command was not retaining physical partiton
                 maps when recreating an entire volume group. Message
                 indicated that hdiskX was not in the correct volume
              4  When editing the filesystem attributed during a 
                 system installation, the compression option may no 
                 longer be selected for the root filesytem as this is
                 not supported by AIX.

 9  3/7/96    C  Change Network Settings menu in Installation process
                 now removed any leading zeros from IP addresses input by
                 user since TCP/IP doesnt like them.
              4  When configuring remote services, the /usr/lib/methods
                 directory is changed to allow execute permission. This is
                 already done by an AIX PTF, but is done here to ensure
                 we can remotely list tape drive descriptions with lsdev.
              4  Changed SMIT 'Display Info on Most Recent Incremental 
                 Backups' option to call /usr/sbin/backup instead of 
              3  Performed checks in sbsmitout command to ensure it is
                 not being run in the background or by a remote execution
                 command. sbsmitout was also not recognizing Enter key
                 after using F5 (save option) on aixterm windows.

10  3/14/96   C  If server is out of space in /tmp when creating a
                 remote boot tape on AIX 3.2 systems, the message implied
                 the /tmp on the local (client) was out of space.
              C  Modified the boot script for AIX 3.2 systems to
                 use same LED codes as 4.1 systems for consistency.
              D  User manual change - chapter 16. Note that striping 
                 option only appears on menu for AIX V4 systems.
              C  Added error message when attempting to config a network
                 boot client and NFS is not installed.
              3  If user selectes to move a logial volume to a different
                 volume group when recreating, /etc/filesystems file must
                 be updated to use a JFSlog in the new volume group.
                 Log LV is created automatically if one does not already 
                 exist in the new VG. If LOG LV name is changed, 
                 filesystems file is updated for all stanzas.

11  3/27/96   3  Fix was not applied to 3.3 release. Added new
                 fix. The following is the description from the 3.2
                 fix history file:
                  List/Verify/Restore System Backup through SMIT
                 fails with the following message if tape drive 
                 is not set to block size of original backup: 
                  "Unable to read the volume header on device /dev/rmt0."
                 Since sysrestore is executed multiple times through 
                 SMIT, there is no way to set the block size only once 
                 to prevent rewinding the tape multiple times. If the 
                 block size is not correct before attempting restore, an 
                 error message is displayed, and user is required to set 
                 the block size to the correct value and try again. This 
                 is not required when running sysrestore command from the 
                 command line.
              3  During Install process when selecting the PVs onto which 
                 an LV is placed, selecting hdisk1 would select or 
                 deselect hdisk10, hdisk11, etc as well.
              4  Error messages appear when attempting to use the option
                 "Print or Display System Configuration" from a non-root
                 user id. Program will now display appropriate message
                 that you must be logged on as root.
              4  Boot logical volume will now default to priority 3 
                 during system installation to prevent bosboot from 
                 failing if starting disk address > 2 GB.
              3  lscfginfo command (Print or Display System Configuration)
                 sometimes removed file before it was picked up by the 
                 specified printer queue.

12  4/1/96    2  During install, occasionally received error "unable to 
                 unmount /dev/hd4 filesystem". Install process would
                 continue after selecting to enter maintenance shell and
                 then typing "exit" to continue.
              3  mkvgback command did not exlude NFS data if an NFS
                 filesystem was mounted in same location as a local
                 unmounted filesystem specified in /etc/filesystems file.
              E  jfsrestore command now includes -D option for specifying
                 a different destination directory to restore to. The
                 destination directory option was also added to the SMIT
                 screen for restoring filesystem data.

13  4/12/96   2  System backups created to multi-copy virtual devices
                 only made first tape bootable. This bug was caused by
                 initial 3.3.2 release. This fix ensures that all tapes
                 in multi-copy virtual devices are made bootable.
              2  If user set upperbound to 1 PV, then selects >1 PV
                 for a logical volume, the creation of the logical 
                 volume failed during system installation and when using
                 the remakevg command. Will now result in the message
                 "Upperbound less than \#PVs - changing to X".
              2  On systems with AIX levels earler than, 
                 creation of the volume group information failed with
                 error "Cannot retrieve quorum attribute for rootvg".
                 Changed getlvminfo program to provide appropriate 
                 default if PTF not installed to allow changes to the 
                 quorum attribute. This had been changed at, but
                 is missing in this release.
14  4/15/96   2  Old Message catalog was not being removed from system
                 when installing sysback 3.3 over a prior release. This
                 caused SMIT menus to show incorrect options when LANG
                 was set to En_US. To fix, type
                    "rm -f /usr/lib/nls/msg/*/"
              3  Errors received from print queue system when sending a
                 System Configuration report to a print queue. lscfginfo
                 command fixed to use -P instead of -p flag when calling
                 qprt command.

15  4/18/96   2  Fix \#13 above resolved problem with upperbound limit
                 but inadvertently set upperbound to the number of disks
                 in the VG. This will now only occur if the upperbound
                 value is less than the number of disks.
              3  When editing volume group information, the system would 
                 not allow the LV stripe size to be set to 8 KB. This
                 was added to the list of supported stripe sizes.

16  4/19/96   2  Occasional error during install "unable to unmount /mnt".

                 Occurred occasinally due to shared library still in use.
                 After waiting 15-30 seconds and trying the unmount again
                 it would succeed. Process changed to retry the unmount 
                 up to 2 minutes before displaying the error. Users 
                 getting this error can continue the install by selecting
                 to perform maintenance, umount /mnt, and continue the
              2  Errors selecting SSA disks during install process and
                 when using remakevg command. Caused by SSA's use of the
                 same location code for all disks. This was resolved by
                 not automatically selecting any disks if there are
                 multiple disks with the same location code. In the case
                 of SSA, disks are only automatically selected if the
                 PVID is the same as the original disk.
              C  When editing volume group attributes, the screen would
                 scroll too far if many volume groups, logical volumes
                 or physical volumes were displayed.

17   4/23/96  1  Network boot on AIX 4.1.4 systems did not work when
                 installing over a gateway. Resulted in an led 609 or
                 610 LED.
              E  Trial software installation process changed to allow
                 a 30-day trial and to allow the software to be reinstalled
                 any number of times within the 30-day period. 

18   5/1/96   2  Unable to read REMOTE System Backup tape from the command
                 line Message indicates "No permission to execute 
                 /usr/sbin/setbs". Problem does not occur when using SMIT. 
                 TEMP FIX: Edit /usr/sbin/sysrestore and change 
                 "/usr/sbin/setbs" to just "setbs".
              1  Cannot install from 3590 tape drives on AIX V4 systems. 
                 3590 requires different configuration method than other 
                 SCSI drives. Install process now calls config method 
                 defined in ODM for each device. If it does not exist, 
                 common config method is used. (sysmain)
              1  When files entered into exclude list, other files with
                 the prefix entered were inadvertently excluded also.
                 For instance, "/tmp/junk" in the exclude list also
                 excluded "/tmp/junk1", etc. (mkvgback, mkdirback)
              3  Errors produced by mkfs command when recreating a volume 
                 group or filesystem onto an AIX 3.2 system from an AIX 
                 4.1 volume group backup. (remakevg)
              4  Backup commands did not produce a failed return code if
                 a failure occurs when reading data from disk. Failure
                 was detected properly if a write error occurred.
                 (mkvgback, mkjfsback, mkdirback)
                 produce a failed return code if a failure occurs when
                 reading data from disk, only when writing the backup
                 to media.
              2  If a logical volume is created on a system with a
                 different PP size than it was originally, the system
                 was creating the LVs using the same number of 
                 partitions, thus the wrong size. The process now 
                 displays a message indicating that the number of
                 partitions have been changed to ensure the LV is still
                 created at its original size. (editvginfo)
              3  During AIX 4.1 installs, the minimum LV size is
                 shown the same as the current LV size even it was
                 only 1/2 full. Fixed problem in generating the logical 
                 volume information during the backup. (mkvginfo)

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