SQL1326N permissions error in re-created instance


One ov the databases has crashed and am trying to recover it.
        DB2/6k  1.2
        AIX     3.2.5
        Customer had an old instance inst1.  This morning anything
        he ran (ie db2 list tables) as that instance would hang.
        So he created a new instance and copied the file
        sqldbdir from the old instance into the new one.
        Now he is having trouble executing db2 commands such
        as create database and uncatalog database.
        He gets the error:
        SQL1326N The file or directory "\" cannot be accessed.

        I had him copy db2systm from the old instance to the 
        new one.  He tried db2 create database \
        and got the 1326 error.  
        I spoke with an expert and he said to check the file
        permissions and dir permissions on the target path.
        We checked them and customer had write permission.

        Next we checked the file permissions on sqllib,sqldbdir,        
        db2systm, etc.  They were owned by root.  When we changed 
        these to be owned by the instance the customer was able to 
        run db2 commands with no problems.

   Next Action:
        Customer was very appreciative.  He consented to CC.

        Customer had recreated an instance and was unable to 
        run db2 commands such as "create database" and "uncatalog
        database" under the new instance.  He got SQL1326N, a 
        file/dir permissions error.  The problem was caused
        because the owner of the sqllib, sqldbdir, and db2systm 
        directories was root.  Changing the owner of these files to the 
        instance owner solved the problem.

Support Line: SQL1326N permissions error in re-created instance ITEM: AL2657L
Dated: July 1995 Category: N/A
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