Using Pager in Netview V4


netview v4.1, carrier doesn't exist, trying to install 


   Env: AIX 3.2.5
        Netview 4.1
        AT&T 3715 Modem
        Machine type unknown
   Desc: The customer is attempting to set up the paging facility in
Netview.  He is trying to get it set up to use his modem to dial a
pager apon reception of a certain trap.  He has followed the steps on
page 120 of the Administrators guide, and gotten everything set up,
but when he runs "actPager" from the command line, he gets the
following error:

  pager response: id: 0  carrier doesn't exist rc=3

In the setup, the customer had a few fields to fill out, and was
confused by the "PIN" and "Carrier ID" fields.  His pager has no PIN,
but the facility will not accept a blank box as a response, so he used
0.  As for the carrier ID, none of the carriers in the nv.carrier file
were correct, so he tried to create his own.  This could explain the
error he is getting.
   Action: Checked Xmenu, and there is no record of other problems
like this.  I promised the customer a callback, and talked with Nick
G. about this.  I will requeue this to Nick's queue.
   Next Action: Requeueing Item.


Trans. Marek K. to Nick G. line-live


ACT:    You have configured everything as well as I think you 
could.  The problem seems to be that when you set up the Netview 
for AIX userid, it forces you to select a Carrier Name.  Then
when the ruleset->Pager option accesses the userid, it forces
the call to go through the carrier instead of the default

You are trying to placeg a local page, through the 
default device:tty0
And the modem does work, you have tested it with the 'ate'
The page command you are testing with is:

 actPage \  \

The error you get is:

  :pager dialed: 12345@mincom 12345
   pager response  could not connect to local host:
   a remote host refused an attempted connect operation RC=1

NEXT:   research


ACT:     I asked you to create an entry in the /usr/OV/conf/nv.carriers
file for a 'local' carrier.  Create a stanza just like the existing
stanzes, only for both phone numbers

Modem phone \#
DTMF phone \#

put in the phine number you would use in your 'ate' command.

You will try this and call back.




ACT:    We have found that you must page by connecting to another
modem at the Carrier site.  Any other method will not work at this time.
We also learned:
1. nv.carriers seems to be limited to 10 uncommented entries
2. don't attempt to disconnect a failed modem connection by
 killing the nvpager process,  use 'ovstop nvpagerd'
3. The DTMF phone number does not have any affect on operation
 that we can discern at this time, but the Modem phone number
 will be dialed, even if the line is moved within the stanza.
4. nv.carriers file modem attributes overrides the nvpager.config

Indeed,  you are trying to connect to the style of pager number
that gives you the triple beep at the beginning.  This will not work,
because the local modem is waiting for a Carrier Detect signal.

You wonder what it will take to call this number by a script
that the ruleset calls upon deciding that a page is necessary.

Next:   research


ACT:     This is actually very straightforward:

1.      start the ruleset editor  

2.      pull down a Trap Settings Node icon from the Template
        window, and then pick your Enterprise and Event ID, 
        select OK   (I chose 58982406, in the nv6000 Enterprise)

3.      Edit->Connect Two Nodes  to connect the two icons
        pick the pizza box first, then the Trap Settings Node

4.      pull down an Action Node icon, and fill in an action
                /usr/OV/bin/ovxecho TestMessage -display=sst:0

5.      Save the file with a name like ""
        6.      Test the popup,  "event -E 58982406 -h sst"

And then you will see a popup window on your display.
If you want an event card to appear also, you must include
a Forward node icon in your ruleset.  An arrow must connect
trap Settings to Forward.  Then resave the ruleset and start
a Dynamic Workspace (nvevents&, then Create a Dynamic Workspace
and choose the ruleset file to use in this workspace).

Next:   You will try this and call back.



ACT:    You are having problems finding all of the resources
to use the example script called:

I will open a new item for this question, since we have established
thet the Netview Pager facilty is working.


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