ITEM: K9775L

tar restore generates 0511-188


I have a model 25T running AIX level 3.2.5  with a 4mm DAT tape 
drive.  I am using the tar command to restore a filename.  Using 
this command I get the following error:

   \# cd /tmp
   \# tar -xvf /dev/rmt0 ./path/filename

tar:  0511-188: Can't create /path/filename, a parameter must be a


Looked in /tmp and found a file with the same name as the path of the
file being restored. This was a file and not a directory and the system
was trying to access it as a directory. We moved this file and were able
to do the restore.

Support Line: tar restore generates 0511-188 ITEM: K9775L
Dated: July 1994 Category: N/A
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