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How to set up remote RANS, what node number?


Question about  128-port adapter:

128 port controller -- RAN -- modem 14.4 -- modem 14.4 -- RAN

What  node number do I use on a remote RAN and what happens if the
telephone line goes down?


For the last RAN on a remote line the node number must be set to 4. If
the telephone number goes down, then you will probably get a P2 type
of error.  What happens is that the local RAN will not be terminated
and still think it can send data out of the port to the next RAN (it
sees an active available mode).  However, there will be no response
from the remote RAN.    It may be advisable to keep a terminator
around for the local RAN incase the telephone line goes down.  Then
you can terminate the RAN and continue using local terminals/printers.

Support Line: How to set up remote RANS, what node number? ITEM: D5211L
Dated: September 1993 Category: N/A
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