ITEM: M7070L

trying to install x11 windows

        AIX 3.2.4

        Problems attempting to install X11R5, and receive the 
        following error:
                inurest:  Failure on system call to execute the          
                command /usr/bin/dd if=dev/rmt0.1 ibs=62b                
                obs=1240b conv=sync 2>/dev/null | /usr/sbin/restbyname  
                -xAq -c 1240 -f - -Z /tmp/inutmpU00CSM/

        Checked for free space in /tmp (9000+), /usr (156000+), and
        / (2900+).  There are no free pps in the rootvg
        Checked paging space -- total of 56mb  -- 16mb physical memory

        Researched in Austext and from all indications, this is a
        permissions problem.  Asked if you had any read-only filesystems
        mounted (no).  Is info installed on cdrom (no).

        Noticed in the install log and entry that indicates that
        /usr/include/X11, all ready existed.  Checked permissions
        on /usr/include/X11 755 root/system.

        Do not currently have XWindows installed, decided to remove
        the /usr/include/X11 directory and everything under it.
                Restarted in install from the command line once again.

        Problem was resolved by removing the /usr/include/X11

Support Line: trying to install x11 windows ITEM: M7070L
Dated: September 1994 Category: N/A
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