ITEM: L3261L

putmsg undefined in libtli.a


Environment: AIX 3.2.5 Model C10
Description: Symbol putmsg in /usr/lib/libtli.a is undefined using
3rd party vendor application - INFORMIX. 
  Particular error in question occurs when trying to run INFORMIX.
        could not load library libtli.a [shr.o]
        Symbol putmsg in /usr/lib/libtli.a is undefined
        Symbol getmsg in /usr/lib/libtli.a is undefined
        Could not load library libtli.a shr.o|
        Error was : Exec format error 

Action: Verified that libtli.a was on system. It was. 
Check for symbol putmsg by
        dump -H libtli.a | grep putmsg
 No symbol like this is library.
        Research indicated both getmsg and putmsg are defined in 
"/usr/lib/drivers/pse" which is a kernel extension.  
        There is also an export file "pse.exp" which contains the 
exports list for these routines. Note the -b switch in the following 
example compile: 
xlC -g -o multi multi.C -bimport:/lib/pse.exp 

The pse extension must be loaded by any program that wishes to use it.
By default it is not loaded.  
        InfoExplorer provides information on how to load and
unload. (Use search words, "pse", "strload", "getmsg", and "putmsg"
for additional information.)

You can load the pse with the following:

strload      \#without any flags  or    /usr/sbin/strload (as root)

Resolved issue.

Support Line: putmsg undefined in libtli.a ITEM: L3261L
Dated: August 1994 Category: N/A
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