611 LED on netboot on local network

  AIX 4.1.4 
  RISC Two - 250 

  610 LED on a netboot through a gateway and tried to take 
the gateway out of the picture and ended up with a 611 LED
 on netboot on local network.

Customer has found 3 or 4 components of bos.ent that were not
installed correctly.  He installed these and got past the 611 error
on the network boot on the local gateway.

Now he is getting an error getimagelist not found when he selects
to install, then he gets the no install images were found message.


Had customer go into the maintenance shell and look for

This file what there, so the client machine was connecting correctly
but somehow the restore scripts were not finding the getimagelist file.
The customer is going to remove sysback from the client and then 
re-install it.

waiting on call back.

The customer now is getting to the installation menu but now
when he chooses option 2 to look at his install options, 
he hangs on this message:
reading install image.

Found item BF2763 which recommends rebooting the server system.

This worked.


Support Line: 611 LED on netboot on local network ITEM: BH6274L
Dated: April 1996 Category: N/A
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