ITEM: I8915L

Question about changing the tty numbers.


AIX 3.2.5

RISC 360

I have 2 16 port concentrators so I can have tty's 1-33.  How can I
refer to tty1 as tty34, tty2 as tty35, and so on?


         I faxed him the following information to help him change the
tty numbers to what the customer desires.  I told him that the only
other way is by using ODME.


1)  lsdev -Cc tty -F "name:parent:class:subclass:type:connwhere"

    To get information that can be used to recreate devices.  You will
    need to note the entries for tty1 or any other tty number.

2)  Then use :

    lsattr -EOl tty1

    This gives the information needed about the specific tty.

3)  Remove the devices using :

    rmdev -dl tty1

4)  Then recreate using :

    mkdev -l tty\# -p \ -c \ -s \ -t \
          -w \

    where the values in \<..> are from the corresponding
    values for tty1 from 'lsdev' command above..

5)  Then use the output from the 'lsattr' command to change the attributes
    of the devices with 'chdev'.

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