BSC3270 support

Env:  AIX 3.2.5   SNA Server 2.1.2   SNA Application Access V1.1
.Desc: BSC 3270 device support
.BSC3270 devices are not supported by SNA Application Access (SNA_AA)
at the currently available release level; however a patch (e-fix) is
available from IBM development to provide such support.  This e-fix
will be available as part of the SNA_AA product when the next release
of SNA Application Access becomes available.
.Note that this e-fix does not include device drivers for BSC line 
protocol support.  BSC line's are not supported by AIX SNA Server or 
by SNA_AA at this time.  BSC line protocol device drivers for RS/6000 
are available from third party vendors including TPS.
.This means that BSC3270 devices are supported with this patch only
as cross domain resources.  The line protocol must be converted by
some other node (such as NCP) to SDLC or a LAN protocol supported
by IBM adapters and DLC's available for AIX.
.Contact the AIX SNA SupportLine group for details.
Current (5/26/95) e-fix sums (may be superseded at some later date):
 23073  120 sapc
 61274 2062 snapu5.adm
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After this e-fix is applied, the SNA_AA BSC3270 user may see the 
following problem.  The user may see a prompt but the connection is
hung and may eventually time out.
.Symptom:   Sessions with BSC terminals may hang due to SNA_AA data 
           flow control format checking detecting a formatting error.
.To verify, turn on all snapu5 tracing.
   \# snapu5 -t -1
.Check snapu5_trace file for the entry:
   trace point: mm/dd/yy hh:mm:ss lapse: 0.001 handle_dfc_rcv_error: 
   response msg deleted on failed checks: 400f0000
.Explanation:   SNA_AA receives a positive response FMD RH with FI bit 
               set and no data. The session does not support fm headers;
               thus a receive check is generated.
.Workaround:   Suppress dfc checking by starting with -s & -r flags.
              \# snapu5 -s -r
.The snapu5 command is documented in chapter 10 of
SC31-8087-00  SNA Application Access for AIX: User's Guide 
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Support Line: BSC3270 support ITEM: AS1207L
Dated: December 1995 Category: N/A
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