tset command for 3153 terminals resets terminal attributes

        AIX 3.2.5
        Model C10
        IBM 3153 InfoWindow II emulating 3151

        We have gone into our 3153 setup screen and changed the 
        host screen (F7) to have \=\ instead of \=\\
        so that we don't get double spaced lines in 3151 emulation
        mode.  Each time we do:

        tset -rsQ -m ibm3151:ibm3151

        Our terminal is reset to the default settings; but the default
        settings is \=\\ which double spaces everything on
        our screen.  How can we avoid this?

        This is handled by two terminfo attributes "rs2" and "is2"
        and tset -rsQ sends these two attributes to the terminal. 
        If Irun the above tset or I just tput rs2 or tput is2 I see the
        same results.

        Make a backup copy of ibm.ti:
        cp /usr/lib/terminfo/ibm.ti /usr/lib/terminfo/ibm.bak.ti

        vi /usr/lib/terminfo/ibm.ti
        copied the ibm3151 entry to a new entry called "ibm3153" and we
        removed the rs2 and is2 entries in the 3153 entry.

        Recompile the terminfo file with terminfo compiler:
        tic ibm.ti

        You should see a new terminfo entry:

        set your TERM=ibm3153 either via smit chgtty or simply
        export TERM=ibm3153 for a test without making this a permanent

Support Line: tset command for 3153 terminals resets terminal attributes ITEM: AX2405L
Dated: March 1996 Category: N/A
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