Using rcp to print to terminal server

        AIX 3.2.5
        OEM terminal server

        We have a terminal server attached to our ethernet.  The
        terminal server can accept data via rcp and I can print
        to it from the command line via rcp.  How can I put this
        into the print queueing system?

        vi /etc/qconfig and enter a stanza:

                device = rcpd
                file = FALSE
                backend = /some/dir/mybackend

        Run enq -d to redigest qconfig in qconfig.bin

        Now, mybackend can be a shell script.  It will receive the
        file to print as $1 and you can use this to do the rcp just
        as you do from the command line.

        Customer is getting error when he queues up a job to
        him queue.

        Looked at the script that he tries to print with:

        rcp $1 [hostname]

        This needs to have a shell to run in:

        rcp $1 [hostname]

        Now all works fine.

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