One printer runs out of paper-all queues stop printing

        AIX 3.2.5
        Unknown machine model
        OEM terminal server

        I have a small sockets program which I have inserted into
        the AIX print queueing system as the _mo attribute of a
        virtual printer.  This works great but when a single one
        of these printers runs out of paper, ALL of these queues
        quit printing.  How can this be?
        Discussed problem with customer and believe that the problem
        does NOT stem from your filter but instead the fact
        that each of your queues has the same file=/dev/null in
        the /etc/qconfig file.  

        It is much easier to understand in terms of a physical
        lp device - only one job can go to one physical printer
        at a time.  However, /dev/null operates in the queueing
        system in the same manner.  When one queue prints to
        /dev/null - it is locked like /dev/lp\# would be and thus
        is the "printer" /dev/null becomes unavailable - nothing
        else can print to it.

        Suggested chaning file = /dev/null to something unique
        for each queue such as /dev/lpa , /dev/lpb, /dev/lpc, etc.
        where each of these is just an empty text file.  You
        could also go into /etc/qconfig and replace the
        file = /dev/null with file = FALSE.

        You tried the above suggestions and all is working fine

Support Line: One printer runs out of paper-all queues stop printing ITEM: AP6230L
Dated: November 1995 Category: N/A
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