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Having difficulties getting access to my disk drive


After I reloaded AIX on my system, I could not get the floppy drive back to 
the Available state. When I list the devices, I get the following :

fda0       Defined     00-00-0D    Standard I/O Diskette Adapter

Now, I have tried the following commands:

   rmdev -l fda0 -d

And from this, I get an error that goes

  0514-052  ... bosboot could not load device ....

I am running AIX 3.2.5 on a 590.


Ran "/etc/methods/cfgbus -l bus0 -d" in order to get the interrupt
levels for the adapters on his system.  The bus interrupt level 
information is found under the heading "THE TABLE FOR ATTRIBUTE TYPE 3 
IS:" in the BUS.out file that is created in the current directory by
cfgbus.  Here are the interrupt levels being used by the adapters on
his system:

  scsi0   4
  siokb0  1
  sa0     2
  sa1     2
  sioms0  1
  ppa0    d
  scsi1   e
  scsi2   3
  scsi3   5
  scsi4   7
  ppr0    6
  ent0    c
  zgs0    a
  fda0    6

Notice that ppr0 (gt3i) and fda0 are trying to use the same interrupt
level (6).  There is a known problem with the diskette config method
that allows this conflict to occur.  The diskette adapter can only use
interrupt 6 or 7.  ppr0 can use 3,4,5,6,7,9,10,11,12, and 14.  For
some reason the config methods are not forcing the gt3i to use an
interrupt other than 6 or the scsi to use an interrupt other than 7
so that the diskette drive can use one of those two interrupts.  The
fix for this problem is IX37397.

We decided to remove the ppr0 device and then configure the diskette 
adapter and drive and then reconfigure ppr0.  In order to do this we
logged into the system via another port.

Here is the procedure we used to correct the conflict:

1) Customer logged off the hft (console) and logged into tty0.
2) Redirected console to tty0 with:  swcons /dev/tty0
3) Editted /etc/inittab in order to turn respawning off on the hft.
4) Killed the getty on the hft.
5) rmdev -l hft
6) rmdev -l ppr0 -d
7) mkdev -l fda0
8) mkdev -l fd0
9) cfgmgr
10) Editted /etc/inittab in order to turn respawning on on the hft.
11) swcons /dev/hft
12) shutdown -Fr

The diskette drive and the gt3i are now both Available.  fda0 is
using interrupt level 6 and the gt3i is using interrupt level b (11).

Support Line: Having difficulties getting access to my disk drive ITEM: H0516L
Dated: March 1994 Category: N/A
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