RISC 970/980: Why isn't the IBM Turboways 100 ATM adapter available?


We need to establish a very high speed connection between two RISC System/
6000s, a model 970 and an R20.  The configurator won't allow us to config-
ure an ATM MES upgrade for the model 970.  (We can configure the R20 with
no problem.)  What's the problem with the 970?


The Turboways 100 and 155 ATM adapters are intended to be supported in all
RISC System/6000s capable of accepting Category 5 size adapters.  There
is, however, a small problem -- but an easy solution -- when either a
RISC model 970 or 980 is involved.

PROBLEM:  It seems these two models have a sort of cage for the adapter
cards that includes a retainer clip to hold the card in place.  The
retainer clip cannot be fastened with this adapter because it collides
with a component on the adapter.  As a result, users cannot order an MES
for this ATM adapter on these two models.  These two models have been
withdrawn from marketing so this only affects people who already have
the system installed.

SOLUTION:  RISC System/6000 Center for Customized Solutions (CCS) in
Austin provides a solution for these customers.  They will provide the
ATM adapter and installation instructions to the IBM Customer Engineer.

Support Line: RISC 970/980: Why isn't the IBM Turboways 100 ATM adapter available? ITEM: AL1641L
Dated: October 1995 Category: N/A
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