Xstation booting to 8825 error.


ENV:    325, Model 580, Xstation 130

DESC:   The customer is currently having difficulties with
        a NIS master server, and their Xstations will not boot.
        The Xstations 130s are on 10baseT ethernet, and the
        Xstation we worked with is on the same network as the

ACT:    Went over the customer's Xstation configuration, network
        type configuration, and ran thru the xstation.tcp fax
        in an effort to correct his problem.  We discovered that
        the nobody user had expired, but unexpiring it and 
        restarting x_st_mgrd did not allow the xstation to
        boot successfully.  The xstation appears to be failing
        in the TFTP portion of the boot, eventually getting
        a 8825 indicating a ethernet problem.



Checked the permissions on the /bin and /etc directories to ensure that 
they were 755.  They were not, we changed them to 755.  Checked the 
nobody account in the /etc/passwd file and the /etc/group file:

        Had the customer change the entry in /etc/inetd.conf from user
        nobody to user root and the Xstation booted - therefore it
        looks like we have a permission problem

        Next - had the customer run usrck -n nobody - this command
        returned errors about not being able to access the home
        directory (which is /).  Looked at the permissions in / for . and ..
        and they were 770 - fixed the permissions on these files (775)
        and the Xstations booted properly - this also corrected some other
        problems they had with users not being able to log in.

Support Line: Xstation booting to 8825 error. ITEM: AC2766L
Dated: October 1994 Category: N/A
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