ITEM: BP9583

sysback 43p network boot

Environment:  43p  4.1.4
              390  4.1.4
              sms 1.07
              firmware 1.09

Description:  Customer has created an RSPC boot image on the server 390.
  He has booted the 43P from the sms diskette and set the ip parameters.

    Client IP   =
    Server IP   =
    Gateway IP  =
    Subnet Mask =

  Customer then performed a ping test and that completed successfully.
  Customer then selects the token ring as the boot device.  This starts
  the network boot of the 43p.  On the display customer sees:

         bootp:   send=5   receive=0

Action:  This indicates that no information was returned by the server.  
  I have confirmed with customer that the entries in the /etc/bootptab
  file are correct.  Gateway and subnet mask in this files are correct
  for the client side.

  I have placed the server bootpd into debug mode with the following

    1.  vi /etc/inetd.conf
          comment out the line that contains bootpd
    2.  refresh -s inetd
    3.  ps -eaf | grep bootpd
           kill process if one is found
    4.  bootpd -s -d -d -d -d -d

  Step 4 echoed out to the display the following lines which is 

   BOOTPD: bootptab mtime is Mon Oct  7 10:32:04 1996
   BOOTPD: reading "/etc/bootptab"
   BOOTPD: read 2 entries from "/etc/bootptab"
   BOOTPD: dumped 2 entries to "/etc/bootpd.dump".

  Now with the server in debug mode we reinitiated the 43p network
  boot.  Again the send packets went to 5 and the receive stayed at 0.
  But the server bootpd never acknowledged receiving a bootp request.
  In debug mode the server should have echoed out complete info on
  the request.

  Customer with his network administrator to ensure that the router was
  enabled to pass bootp packets.  He is now getting responses for the 
  bootp requests.

  But the boot is now hanging.

  He placed the client into debug mode and the boot is hanging on led 609.

  Customer will rerun the boot with debug mode and check the data
  returned from the bootinfo -c.

  Customer faxed in info from the debug output.  It shows
  that the gateway is being returned incorrectly from the bootinfo -c

   bootinfo -c
   set -- 0 0 0 /tftpboot/15016423
   BOOT_GATE_IP=  \<-------should have been

  I had customer hard code the BOOT_GATE_IP to and his 
  system boot successfully. 

  The BOOT_GATE_IP is being set to the same value as the BOOT_SERV_IP.

  Firmware version 1.10 has a 43p bootp fix.  I had customer upgrade
  the to version 1.10 firmware and he was now able to do the network
  boot through the gateway.

Support Line: sysback 43p network boot ITEM: BP9583
Dated: October 1996 Category: N/A
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