HCON error 0789-443 ODM database has been corrupted


   Model J40, AIX 4.2, IBM Communications Server (, SDLC, V.35,
   HCON v2.1.3.2
   The customer had a hardware problem several days ago.  In attempting
   to resolve that issue, several devices where added and removed from
   the ODM.  Since then, the customer has been experiencing strange
   problems with the ODM.  At this point, she is unable to perform
   HCON explicit file transfer.  The user logs in and is able to start
   the hcon session "a".  Then they use 'ctl-v' to get into hconutil.
   They choose the option for explicit file transfer and choose
   the default session "a".  Then they get this error:

      0789-443 Unable to read in the specified session "a".  Either the
      session does not exist or the ODM database has been corrupted.


   The customer tried the hcon file transfer from another user name.
   This works just fine.  We looked in the home directory for the
   the first user (the one that is NOT working) and found that the
   four HCON config files, listed below, were GONE:
.   I suggested that the customer remove this user from the hcon
   config, then readd the user.  This will recreate a default set of
   these config files in that user's home directory.  The customer will
   then need to readd the hcon session config for that user.
.   These four files contain the HCON config information for that user.
   In the future, these four files should NOT be deleted.

Support Line: HCON error 0789-443 ODM database has been corrupted ITEM: DD8508L
Dated: July 1997 Category: N/A
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