New 7043-140 does not recognize the GXT110P graphics adapter.


 ENV: 7043-140, 4.1.5, GXT110P graphics adapter
. PROBLEM: Customer had the GXT110P adapter in slot 3 and was having
        trouble getting the graphics console working.  
.        He is not able to get the graphics adapter 'Available',
        however it is showing up 'Defined'.  He can only login from
        the terminal.
.        He tried to do a 'mkdev -l iga0' for the graphics adapter
        and this failed saying that the attributes were not correct.
        He attempted to run diagnostics on the adapter and this
        returned an SRN of 803-900.  Found that this SRN was returned
        because we tried to run diagnostics on a 'Defined' adapter.
. ACTION TAKEN: Suggested moving the GXT110P to slot 2, as this is the
        only slot it would work in, according to previous calls.
        Customer did this and the adapter came up 'Available' and was
        working.  He could not get COSE to come up.  Checked the
        '/etc/inittab' file and the 'dt' entry was not there.  The
        software needed for COSE, 'X11.Dt.*' was not loaded.
        Customer will install the filesets for COSE (X11.Dt.*).
. ACTION PLAN: Close call.
. TEST CASE: n/a

Support Line: New 7043-140 does not recognize the GXT110P graphics adapter. ITEM: CM1305L
Dated: June 1997 Category: N/A
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