ITEM: D6153L

Mail not sending a message at the prompt.


I have an RS/6000 running operating system level 3.2.3e.  I cannot
seem to get the mail daemon to notify me when I receive mail.  I have
both the MAIL and MAILMSG environment variables setup.  The mail
daemon is running and mail is being received by my account.  What do I
have set up incorrectly?  I am running the C-shell.


The way to get a message about new mail from cshrc is to execute 
the following command line or to put in your .cshrc file:

    set mail=(1 /usr/spool/mail/user_name) 

where user_name is the login name of the user running the shell.

Support Line: Mail not sending a message at the prompt. ITEM: D6153L
Dated: August 1993 Category: N/A
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