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Problem running InfoExplorer with font error


Customer is having a problem running InfoExplorer from an Xstation
130.  Customer gets error "unable to load specified fonts".

Customer is using Xstation Manager version 1.4 at AIX 3.2.5.


First - determine the name of the Xstation Network type that
is being associated with the Xstation (for example x_st_mgr.e130).

The problem can be solved by going into the /etc/x_st_mgr/       
configuration file, and adding the font path to the
fourth line.  That line should read:

Note that each font path element is separated by a comma - no spaces.

Also make sure that the BOOTP is NOT disabled on the Xstation itself.  If
bootp is disabled on the xstation, it will prevent the reading of
the configuration file which was edited above.  Upon the next
reboot of the xstation the new font path should be in affect.  To verify
issue the command:
                         xset q

Support Line: Problem running InfoExplorer with font error ITEM: K6520L
Dated: July 1994 Category: N/A
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