Filtering printer data


        AIX 3.2.5

        We have an application which generates data and sends
        it to an AIX print queue.  However, the application
        adds both carriage returns and linefeeds to the end
        of each line of data.  We need to selectively filter
        out SOME of these \\n.  If there is a \\r\\n in the file
        (carriage return newline) we want to print just the
        carriage return.  If a \\n (newline) appears without
        a carriage return in front of it we need to print it.



        Wrote this C program for you:


Set the _f virtual printer attribute to c:

Name    Description                                          Value
_f      Single-Character BSD-type Filter Name (e.g., "p"       c
          for "pr" filter)

Then, the fc to another C program we will write:

Name    Description                                          Value
fc      Command String for the "c" Filter.                     /fc      Command String for the "c" Filter.                     /bin/rmnl

where /bin/rmnl is the compiled version of this C program:


\#include \

main (int argc, char **argv)
{        int ch1, ch2;  

        while (EOF != (ch1 = fgetc(stdin)))   /* Read the 1st character     */
           if (ch1 == '\\r')                  /* If 1st character is \\r     */
              ch2 = fgetc(stdin);             /* then read a 2nd char       */
              if(ch2 == '\\n')                /* If 1st is \\r and 2nd \\n    */
                fputc(ch1, stdout);           /* then print \\r but not \\n   */
              fputc(ch1, stdout);             /* 1st character was not a \\r */
                                              /* so print it - whether it   */
                                              /* is a \\n or not.            */
}       Placed this code on your system and ran several test print
        jobs.  It works as desired.

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