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Machine hangs after configuring devices.


I have a RS6000 running AIX version 3.2.5.  I recently removed a device
and now it does not boot up.  I tried modifying the inittab, but that
did not solve the problem.  The last thing I see on my screen during
boot up is the TCP/IP daemons starting, but I never get a login prompt.
What is wrong and how can I fix this situation?


This sounds like an /etc/inittab problem or a console problem.
Since you have already verified the inittab, try the following:

Boot into Maintenance mode off of your mksysb tape (remember to
put the key in Service).  Choose option 4 to enter a limited function
maintenance shell.  Run "getrootfs /dev/hdisk\#" once in maintenance
mode, where hdisk\# is one of the disks in rootvg.  You can run
"getrootfs" in order to get the names of the disks you can use.

You have a 3151 terminal assigned to your console.

Then go into smit, and Change/Show Characteristics of TTY and add 
clocal to runtime and login for STTY attributes.  Also, enable your 
tty with:

 chcons -a login=enable

This will enable your 3151 as your console.  You then rebooted
in Normal mode, and got past the TCP/IP part.  You received the 
login prompt.

Support Line: Machine hangs after configuring devices. ITEM: I2932L
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