ITEM: P3860L

Builder crashes when passed 64-bit double integer

        The customer said that the builder was blowing up when passed
        a double value.  He had made his own resource and tried to
        define it as 64-bit double.

        Customer reports that customer has added their own widget to AIC.
        The widget has 3 resources which are min, max, and value.  When
        the programmer types a value in for max (which is of type double)
        AIC will not let him apply the change.

        Customer is trying to define Xt resource type of 64 bit.  


        The bottom line is that AIC will not support 64-bit double 
        integers as resource types.

Support Line: Builder crashes when passed 64-bit double integer ITEM: P3860L
Dated: December 1994 Category: N/A
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