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Help Installing xlf 3.1


 AIX 3.2.5, xlf 2.3   Upgrading to xlf 3.1

I want to install the newest version of XL Fortran (ver 3.1)
I want to some way of getting back to my old level of XL Fortran (2.3)
if my old Fortran programs don't compile with the newer version.


You will not be able to interactively switch between two versions
of the xlf compiler.  What you can do is APPLY a new version, and then
later REJECT it if you don't like the new version.  Then, the old 
version will again be the active version.

Before you would make such a modification to any machine, you would 
create a full system backup, eith through "smit mksysb" or using
SYSBACK/6000 Backup and Recovery (If you bought the product).

You would begin by entering Smit:

1.  smit installp
2.  Install Software Products at Latest Available Level
3.  Choose your input device
4.  Hit f4 at this line:   SOFTWARE to install 
    (Gives a list of lpps and ptfs)
    To select software use f7 key.

5. Set your smit flags this way  
                                                        [Entry Fields]
* INPUT device / directory for software              [\]  
* SOFTWARE to install                                [\]                       +
  Automatically install PREREQUISITE software?        yes                     +
  COMMIT software?                                    no    \<--- note                +
  SAVE replaced files?                                yes   \<--- changed!                  +
  VERIFY Software?                                    no                      +
  EXTEND file systems if space needed?                yes                     +
  REMOVE input file after installation?               no                      +
  OVERWRITE existing version?                         no                      +
  ALTERNATE save directory                           []

NOTE: The default fields must be changed as directed above.

You can then test to see if the old fortran programs will 
compile with the newer version of XL Fortran.  If you choose to 
return to the old version of Fortran, enter Smit with:

1.  smit install 
2.  Manage Applied Software (List, Commit, Reject, Remove)
3.  Reject Applied Updates (Use Previous Version)
4.  Choose your input device
5.  Hit F4 at this line:  SOFTWARE name
    Select with the f7 key the software you want to remove.

                                                  [Entry Fields]
  SOFTWARE name                                      [\] 
  REJECT versions that depend on above version?       no  
  EXTEND file systems if space needed?                yes  


 You can also have two copies of Fortran as documented in info:
 Running Two Levels of XL Fortran
 It is possible to have two different levels of the XL Fortran
 compiler exist on one system.  This allows you to invoke one level
 by default, and the other one whenever you explicitly choose to.

 You need to:
 1. Install each version in a different directory on your machine.
    If the old level is already installed in  /usr/lpp/xlf, you can
    install the new one with commands similar to:

 mkdir -p /u/xlf23
 cd /u/xlf23
 restore -x -f image_filename \# For each install image
 chmod a+x ./usr/lpp/xlf/bin/xlfentry
 chmod a+x ./usr/bin/xlf               \# For each invocation command

 2. Install the compiler level that you want as a default by the usual
    method, in /usr/bin, /usr/lpp/xlf, and so on.

 3. Create a shell script similar to the following, changing the LIBPATH
    and  NLSPATH environment variables to include the path of the other
    library and message catalogs, and executing the other compiler,
    passing through any options specified on the command line:

 \#! /bin/ksh
 \# XL Fortran Version 2.3 is restored in the directory /home/xlf23


 \# Or use f77 or xlf90 invocation commands.
 $td/usr/bin/xlf -F$td/usr/lpp/xlfcmp/inst_root/etc/xlf.cfg -tc     -
B$td/usr/lpp/xlf/bin/ $*

 Note: Maintaining multiple versions of XL Fortran on the same system
 may require further experimentation on your part, and is not
 guaranteed to work for all compiler functions.

Finally, you can use the -qxlf77 option for the compiler to maintain
backward compatability.

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