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Conversion from 3.1.5 to 3.2.5


I have just completed my upgrade from 3.1.5 to 3.2.5 using the Upgrade
Utilities and now I am trying to install my non-IBM products from 3.1.5.  
How do I do this?


Before the upgrade to 3.2.5 he backed up the files using the 'lsud'
command and a list of files were placed in $UPGRADE_TMP/lsud.results.

He has finished upgrading from 3.1.5 to 3.2.5 and is now restoring
his non-ibm files using the upgrade utilities.  When he runs the 
rsud /dev/rmtx command he receives the message:

 142 of the files in the edited list already exist.
 Restoring all files in the current version of the edited
 list will result in these files (but not directories)
 being replaced.
 Press enter to see the list of preexisting files:

Pressing enter generates the listing of the 142 files.
once listed he is given the message:

 Space to continue, q to quit, h for help:

Pressing q to quit gives him the following menu options:

   1. Restore All Files in the Edited List
   2. Edit the Edited List Again
   3. Edit After Replacing With Original File List
   4. Quit        
   5. Edit the Edited List after Removing Names of Preexisting Files

We tried to use option 5 and have the program edit the 142 files from the 
file, but  received a sort error.  In looking at the rsud script a file 
called $UPGRADE_TMP/pre_exist is created.  This file contains the list of 
the files which already exist on the system.  Using the listing we ran the 
rsud script again and edited the file manually and the restore then began 
as it should.  

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