ssa boot hung on led554 after sysback install

Environment:  R40 4.1.4
              SSA 7133-010

Description:  Customer made a backup of the r40 system.  Shutdown,
  removed the scsi disk, added the ssa disk, rebooted from the sysback
  tape, selected the ssa to install rootvg, then installed the system.

  Customer stated that all the data restored but on the reboot the
  system hung on led554.

Action:  Sent customer led554.41.krn fax.  Customer went through
  all of the fax steps but still hung at led 554.

  I determined that the installation occured this way.

  1.  The boot image was made on a system that currently has ssa up
      and running.

  2.  The install image was made on the system where the new ssa
      drives are to be attached.

  3.  The r40 was booted with the ssa boot image.

  4.  The ssa disk was selected as the rootvg pv and installed with
      the install image.  This install image was created on a different
      system then where the boot image was created.

  Thus the boot image used had built in ssa support allowing for a
  full service mode boot to occur.  But the rootvg that was placed
  on the ssa disk did not have ssa device support.  So on the reboot
  using data from the rootvg disk hung on led 554 due to lack of
  ssa device support.

  Had customer confirm that all of the following filesets are installed
  onto the system where the install image is to be created.

     devices.ssa.disk.rte  SSA disk drive device drivers
     devices.mca.8f79.rte  SSA adapter/router device drivers
     devices.mca.8f79.diag  SSA adapter diagnostics support  Common SSA adapter support SSA disk drive microcode level 6561

  Customer then remade his sysback backup, readded the ssa drive,
  restored rootvg onto the ssa disk and rebooted.

  This time the system booted with no problem.

Support Line: ssa boot hung on led554 after sysback install ITEM: CG4857L
Dated: October 1996 Category: N/A
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