ITEM: N9189L

DCE: dts daemon not started


The customer has AIX 3.2.5 and DCE 1.2 installed.
Customer has a multi-system DCE cell and had a power outtage.  When he
brought the system back up, he gets the following error:

        error executing command: entry not found ( dce / rpc)
        dts daemon not started

The DCE client system was unable to read any information from CDS.
Starting up DCE on the client system one at a time (rpc, sec_clientd, cdsadv)
showed that rpcd, sec_clientd, and cdsadv started up OK, but the
customer was unable to see any information in CDS.

Running "cdsli -world" would return a message "error enumerating ...".

The systems in the DCE cell are on a Fiber Channel Switch network.
Looking at "ifconfig fs0" showed no broadcast address for the network
interface. IP broadcasting is very important to CDS. If the CDS 
server cannot do a IP broadcast, or DCE clients are on another IP
subnet, they must specify who their CDS server is.

This problem was corrected with the command:

cdscp define cached server host_of_CDS_server tower ncacn_ip_tcp:ip.addr.of.cds

where "host_of_CDS_server" is the IP hostname of the CDS server
and "ip.addr.of.cds" is the IP address of the CDS server.

Support Line: DCE: dts daemon not started ITEM: N9189L
Dated: November 1994 Category: N/A
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