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XLC errors with encryption routines


        I have a RS/6000 340 running AIX 3.2.5. I am utilizing XL C
version 2.3.  I am receiving errors when I run a program that was
produced under a lower version of AIX and XL C. These errors are as
        Unresolved symbols-


        These encryption routines are no longer included in the
libc.a. They were removed with PTF U408884. The routines now reside in
libdes.a. If you do not have the DES lpp you will need to obtain it.
The PTF for libdes.a is U422471. 
        If utilizing static linking and receive unresolved symbols for those 
symbols or any other with __, then should create a file named whatever you like. 
The file should contain this first line \#! and the unresolved symbol names:
        Is the file for the above problem. Save this file and use when linking or 
         This should resolve the problem.

Support Line: XLC errors with encryption routines ITEM: I2018L
Dated: April 1994 Category: N/A
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