ITEM: G9283L

Oracle logfiles have alternating group ownership.


We have a 580 at 3.2.3 running oracle6. We have a script that runs
everyday, 4 times a day.  This script is owned by lasdbe1 and its
group is data_eng. This script requests oracle to update the archive
logfile. When it does this, the group owner of the file is not always
data_eng. The group seems to be either data_eng, cno, or staff. Is
there any particular reason why this happens

Sounds like a bug in Oracle V6 unix-group membership technique OR an
error in the way the script was written.  I suggested that the
customer implement a crontab entry/shell script that scans the archive
logs for inappropriate ownerid and/or groupid, and uses chown and/or
chgrp to correct errors.

This approach is likely to be easier to do than to convince ORACLE to
supply a PTF for code that is now obsolete.  ORACLE V7.0 does not
appear to have the cited problem.

Support Line: Oracle logfiles have alternating group ownership. ITEM: G9283L
Dated: February 1994 Category: N/A
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