Setting node number for 7133 SSA router

ENV:  AIX 3.2.5, SP2 with 4 nodes and 7133 SSA drives

DESC: They would like to hook the 7133 between two nodes. The manual
says that they need to configure the ssar node number if they go
to multiple hosts. There is nothing in the book SC23-2775 "IBM SSA
4-Port Adapter, Installation and Reference" on how to set this up. 
No special smit screens install when they install the software.

ACT: On page 5-14 it states:

"When the SSA disk device driver switches from one adapter to another
to communicate with a disk, it issues a command to break the SCSI
Reserve condition on the disk.  If there are multiple hosts connected
to the disk, SSA SCSI reserve should not be used as a sole method for
controling access to the disk.  Fencing has been provided as an
alternative method for controlling access to disk in a multi-host

On pg. 5-38 it states:

"In order to use fencing, the node_number attribute of the ssar
router must be set to a different value on each host which is
participating in fencing.  Note that after setting node_number
the host must be rebooted for the new value to take effect."

The book does not describe how to make this change.  Fencing is
used with HACMP in concurrent mode operation; thus changing the 
node_number is only needed when this is the case.

On page 5-16, it states that node_number is an attribute of
the ssar device.  Thus the method to change it would be:

\# chdev -l ssar -a node_number=1

to change the node number to 1, e.g..  The ssar device is always
in the Defined state so no child devices need to be placed in
the Defined state to make the change.

To hook up a 7133 between 2 nodes requires no special configuration 
if HACMP with concurrent access is not used.

Once the 7133 is cabled into the loop (with or without 2 adapters) 
and the 7133 is powered on, the SSA adapter configures the loop 
(you will see the disk drive lights flashing during this).  Once this 
is completed, they can run "cfgmgr" to load the ODM with information 
about the pdisks and hdisks.  They need to run cfgmgr from both hosts.

One should also have the following filesets installed:


 / > lslpp -l ssa.diag.obj
  Name                  State         Description
  --------------------  ------------  -------------------------------
Path: /usr/lib/objrepos
                        APPLIED       SSA Adapter (8f97) Diagnostics

Path: /etc/objrepos
                        APPLIED       SSA Adapter (8f97) Diagnostics

/ > lslpp -l ssa.rte.obj 
  Name                  State         Description
  --------------------  ------------  --------------------------------
Path: /usr/lib/objrepos
                        APPLIED       SSA Adapter (8f97) Software

Path: /etc/objrepos
                        APPLIED       SSA Adapter (8f97) Software

/ > lslpp -l ssadisk.obj
  Name                  State         Description
  --------------------  ------------  -------------------------------
Path: /usr/lib/objrepos
                        APPLIED       SSA DASD Software

Path: /etc/objrepos

 / > lslpp -l 
  Name                  State         Description
  --------------------  ------------  --------------------------------
Path: /usr/lib/objrepos
                        COMMITTED     SSA DASD Microcode

The following letter was also sent to all customers regarding a 
7133 defect:

 Next week, IBM will be mailing the attached letter to your
 customers of record who installed the subject adapter on their
 RS/6000 system.  It is recommended that all customers with
 the SSA 4-Port adapter (IBM Feature Code \#6214) install
 Engineering Change (EC) 212,  to eliminate the possibility of
 them experiencing data corruption on their systems.

 This EC is being made available three ways:
   1) it is being send to each Field Branch office as a mandatory
      EC \# ECA212.
   2) it can be downloaded form AIXTOOLS, package named ECA212.
   3) it can be ordered as a PTF.  The PTF numbers are:
        a. PTF U440259 for AIX
        b. PTF U440347 for AIX 4.1.4
   While all customers will be notified by mail, AIXTOOLS is
 the fastest way to access the EC.  If possible,
 it is recommended that client reps and marketing
 specialists as well as field engineering download the EC package
 from AIXTOOLS, to expedite getting the EC to their


    November 10, 1995

    Subject:  IBM Serial Storage Architecture 4-Port Adapter

    Dear IBM RISC System/6000 and RISC System/6000 SP Customer,

    Today  we are informing you of the availability of an Engineering
    Change (EC) that provides a software update for systems which use
    the Serial Storage Architecture (SSA) 4-Port  Adapter.    The  EC
    will eliminate the possibility that a RS/6000 with AIX or
    4.1.4 installed, could experience data corruption due to using an
    SSA  product attached via the IBM SSA 4-Port Adapter (IBM Feature
    Code \# 6214).

    We urge you to install the no-charge EC at your earliest  conven- 
    ience.   It can be installed in about 15 minutes, after which the
    system will require a re-boot.

    Our records show that one or more of your machines may  have  the
    SSA  4-Port  Adapter  installed,  and the EC should be applied to
    those machines.

    Your IBM Service  Representative  will  receive  the  Engineering
    Change  for  your system(s) and make it available to you shortly.
    Should you wish to speak with your Service  Representative  about
    this  EC,  please  call your IBM Service Center at 1-800-IBM-SERV
    (1-800-426-7378) (other numbers per geography) and  mention  that
    you want to discuss ECA 212, as referenced in RETAIN Tip XXXXXX.

    If  you  have sold or transferred any of the affected machines to
    another party, please forward this notice to them.

    Thank you for your cooperation.

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