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ovw: BadDrawable on 24-bit graphics card and monitor on a SPARC 5



 I have an rs/6000 model 380 running aix 3.2.5 with netview installed.
 I also have a Sun Sparc 5 Model 70 running Solaris 2.4 and OpenWindows.
 I am trying to run netview by doing the following:

 I'm on my sun machine to begin with,
 I login to the rs6000, I do a "setenv DISPLAY mysunmachine:0.0" then  "nv6000".
 I get some nv windows on the sun, with text and menus and such, but no
 graphics in them what-so-ever.
  However, the durn thing still ain't workin'... I've even upgraded Solaris to
 the 3/95 hardware CD. I still get these errors at my aix shell:

 ovw: BadDrawable (invalid Pixmap or Window parameter)

 Now I noticed on pages 65-66 of the "NetView for AIX Problem Determination
 Version 3" guide it tells you about things that can go wrong. This one is
 mentioned  under "Font Problems" on page 66, under the "2." heading mentions 
 setting up  your X resources. Should I copy the contents of 
 /usr/OV/app-defaults/OVw to  my .Xdefaults file on my Sparc?

 Here is the  solution which I found on page 61 of SMCC SPARC 
 Hardware Platform Guide Solaris  2.4:3/95-March1995:

 Some older 8-bit windows applications that have been written without
 consideration for portability may not work with the default 24-bit visual
 of the S24 Frame Buffer. There is a simple work around for these applications
 when starting the OpenWindows environment. Enter:

 |\# openwin -dev /dev/fbs/tcx0 defdepth 8

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