ksh[2]: 0403-057 Syntax error at line 11 : `done'


  AIX 4.1.4
  RISC J30

  Customer creates a fullsystem backup with two vgs (rootvg and vg00)
  Then in smitty does this:

  smitty sysback
    Backup & Restore Options
      System Backup (Installation Image)
        Restore Files from System Backup
        Do you wish to list/select files to restore?        yes

        choose the tape drive and then rootvg as the volume group

        Enter search word or ENTER to list all files       [/u]

        This error message displayed next:

        1800-106 An error occurred:                                          
        ksh[2]: 0403-057 Syntax error at line 11 : `done' is not expected.

This can be somewhat a serious problem.
But can be workaround, by either not listing the files
or restoring the files from the command line instead.

Action Plan:

Fixed in sysback  

02/24/96  2  Error created at fix \#13 where error message 
             appears indicating "done not expected" when 
             listing files to restore in SMIT.

Sending that fix to the customer

Support Line: ksh[2]: 0403-057 Syntax error at line 11 : `done' ITEM: BU5951L
Dated: February 1997 Category: N/A
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