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After a restore from a mksysb could not get my termials up


  AIX 3.2.5

  After a recovery from a mksysb, I can't get a login on my tty.
  They show a getty.


A getty is running on tty4 but no login appears.  Adding and removing
the tty makes no difference.  Also, a printer printed a login as if it
was running a getty.


This is probably related to the mksysb problem.
We see a getty printed on a printer.

If the adapters were not all installed on the system initially and an
adapter was added in a lower slot number at a later time, we are almost
quarenteed to have this type of problem from a mksysb restore.

Proceedure to follow:

Does anyone know the tty number for a particular tty?
If so then use:
lsdev -Cl tty3 -F "name location parent"
This will identify the card location where this tty definitions is
assigned to.  Next trace the cable back from the terminal to the
card.  Is the terminal attached to the card defined by the location.
For example if we see for location
then we know that the card the system is using is in slot 5.  On mksysb
restorations, the tty's are assigned by sa numbers, not slot locations,
thus the problem. 


Customer did have 2 boards installed in their computer when they got it and
one was added later, but they don't know which slots the new board is in.

The 3 boards are labeled with their sa numbers as follows:

sa2 -> slot 3
sa3 -> slot 4
sa4 -> slot 2

This is the scenario that would cause problems. because after the
restore of mksysb we would find that:

slot2 -> sa2
slot3 -> sa3
slot4 -> sa4

We will try the simple cable swap first.

Move cable from slot 3 to slot 2  sa2
Move cable from slot 2 to slot 4  sa4
Move cable from slot 4 to slot 3  sa3

Bringing the system up in normal mode.

Now terminals got login prompt.

Support Line: After a restore from a mksysb could not get my termials up ITEM: K0178L
Dated: June 1994 Category: N/A
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