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How do I start up my cron?


I have a RISC6000, and I am trying to run cron.  It has worked in the
past, but not now.  When I try to start it up with /etc/cron, I get:

 There is not enough memory available now.

How can my cron running again?

Called customer and in fact he was missing the link from /usr/adm to /var/adm

ln -s /var/adm /usr/adm
He was able to run /etc/cron
but he didn't have a respawn for his terminal and it hung
He is going to reboot the system, and hope link holds.

I'm closing, can reopen if he has problems with link.

Support Line: How do I start up my cron? ITEM: D4466L
Dated: August 1993 Category: N/A
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