HCON 0789-514 odm fatal error when adding a user


ENV:   Model 43P, AIX 4.1.4, SNA Server v3.1, HCON v2.1

PROBLEM:   The customer is logged in as root and is trying
   to add a user to hcon.  The home directory of the user
   is in an NFS mounted filesystem.  Here is the error:

      0789-514  ODM Fatal Error: The database may be damaged!
              Use your local problem reporting procedures


This error occurs if the home directory for the user that
is being added to hcon resides in an NFS filesystem that
is mounted as "read-only".

The first solution is to correct the config of the NFS mounted
filesystem so that it will be mounted as "read-write".  This
will require that the filesystem is unmounted and remounted.
The exported directory on the remote system (where the
filesystem resides) will need to be configured to allow root
access to the exported directory.

The second solution is to use the HCONUSER environment
variable to specify an alternate location for the hcon
config files to reside.  For example put the following line
into the .profile for root and for each user that will be
added as an hcon user:

   export HCONUSER=/usr/lib/hcon/hconusers/

Once this environment variable is set, you can then add
the user to hcon.  The hcon config files: usrdflts,,
usrprofs, and will be placed in a subdirectory
under /usr/lib/hcon/hconusers/, where the subdirectory name
will match the username.

This functionality of using the HCONUSER environment variable
was added to HCON in apar IX22106.  For more details, see
the text associated with this apar in RETAIN.

Support Line: HCON 0789-514 odm fatal error when adding a user ITEM: DS8641L
Dated: September 1997 Category: N/A
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