Sourcing .profile w/ every shell

ENV:            AIX V4.2.1  59H  7013  CDE

PROBLEM:        Invoke dtterm from front panel, attempt to execute
                script ==> /bin/ksh:  script not found

ACTION TAKEN:   invoke dtterm (from front panel)
                echo $PATH ==> incorrect
                dtterm -ls
                echo $PATH ==> now correct.

                The .profile was not being sourced.

                1.  uncomment DTSOURCEPROFILE = TRUE in .dtprofile
                2.  To ensure that all dtterm/aixterms source the .profile,
                    vi  /etc/dt/config/$LANG/sys.resources
                        add the following line:
                          *loginShell:  true
                3.  logout 
                4.  login
                5.  invoke dtterm from front panel...
                    Now, $PATH is correct.

ACTION PLAN:    Closing call with Customer Approval

Support Line: Sourcing .profile w/ every shell ITEM: DC8300L
Dated: July 1997 Category: N/A
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