ITEM: E8298L

Problem w/ Motif customization after upgrade to 3.2.4.


   The customer recently upgraded to AIX 3.2.4 from 3.2.?.  They are
now using X11R5.  They have an application in which they are performing
data entry.  The application's resources file uses a text widget to 
set a translation resource.  The following line allowed the 'enter'
key to traverse to the next field on the data entry screen in their 

\#overide \\n\\key{return}: traverse_next     
This worked before they upgraded; now it does not.  
How can they get this to work?


Instructed customer to remove XmAddTabGroup() as it is a compatibility
problem if they are coming from Motif 1.1.4.  After the customer
removed the XmAddTabGroup() instruction instructed customer to change
the override statement to:
   \#override \\n\\key{return}: next-tab-group()

This caused the program to properly tab as it did before.

Support Line: Problem w/ Motif customization after upgrade to 3.2.4. ITEM: E8298L
Dated: December 1993 Category: N/A
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