ISDN Support on the RS/6000


Does the RS/6000 support any native ISDN connections?
If so, what is required?


On April 15th, IBM announced the following native ISDN adapters for
the RS/6000:

      o Eicon ISDN DIVA MVA adapter for PowerPC Systems
      o Eicon ISDN DIVA PRO 2.0 PCI S/T adapter for PowerPC Systems

Both of these cards provide the following:

      o Support for the ISDN (BRI) Basic Rate Interface (2B+D) with
        64 Kbps on each B-channel
      o Single B-channel Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP) support for
        TCP/IP based applications
      o S/T Interface (requires external NT-1)
      o Device driver and diagnostics ship with the adapter

      o NT-1 Network Termination for transforming the ISDN
        "U interface" from the telco, to an "S/T interface".  The
        IBM 7845 ISDN Network Terminator Extended is an example of
        such an NT-1 device.
      o AIX 4.1.5 with PPP subsystem installed
      o ISDN BRI service provisioned from your local telco
      o Only ONE adapter per system unit

Support Line: ISDN Support on the RS/6000 ITEM: BX8630L
Dated: April 1997 Category: N/A
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