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need to print to file and printer from LU


I have 8 display and 5 printer LU's defined.  I have attached the
users to the printers.  I want to set it up so that it will print
to both a dummy file and a printer all at once.  My risc machine
is connected to a mainframe.


We tried to see if it was possible to define a Queue at the AIX level
that would print to a file and to a printer.  What we were able to
do is create a shellscript of two lines that  was as follows:

cat $1 >/tmp/test.txt
lp -dcode /tmp/test.txt

where code is the name of the actual printer queue and /tmp/test.txt
I instructed customer how to set this up and it worked fine.  He will
attach the LU users to this queue.  I told him he could call back on
Monday if he wanted to find out how to do it on the sna side.

Setting this script as the backed to a new queue you can
then print to this queue and simulateously write the print job to 
a file and print it.  To create unique files each time you can use $$
as a filename which is the process id.  

Support Line: need to print to file and printer from LU ITEM: K3247L
Dated: July 1994 Category: N/A
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