Trouble ticket 3.2 running with sybase.

ENV:    3.2.5  Model 520 upgrade to 771

DESC:   I am trying to use Trouble Ticket and differentiate
between the type of caller who is openning a ticket.  I think
I am looking at the correct tables, but I must be missing 

ACT:    I will have someone more familiar with TT6000 contact you
on this item.

NEXT:   Q to NV6000 for assistance.


NILM --> please let me know what screen you are looking at.  There
is a field to indicate who submitted the ticket.
Nxt : WOCB


Act : Customer wants to know which tables to access to correlate this
information.  I cannot find any documentation on this in either
the redbook or the regular users guide.
Nxt : Queue to development.  Please document and let us know
where we can find this info.


Customer has written a script that he needs to verify the relationship
between the customer (contact) and the ticket number.  He wants to
analyze the information to see the amount of tickets from each user.
He has looked at many tables and is using the tt, ctct, in_rpt and
cl_entry tables.  Please verify that in_rpt is the correct table.  

Answer : 

"in_rpt" contains data about the Incident Report.
An entry in that table refrences a contact in "ctct" that opened that
Besides, an entry in "in_rpt" refernces the id of the Ticket to which
that Incident has been attached.
Therefore the relationship is correct.

Support Line: Trouble ticket 3.2 running with sybase. ITEM: AR1848L
Dated: November 1995 Category: N/A
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