No tty's on 128-port are working the console tty on S1 is OK

        AIX 4.1.4
        128-port adapter
        None of our tty's except the console (tty0) is available.
        The unavailable tty's are on S2 and those on the 128-port

        Tried to bring one tty available:

        mkdev -l tty1   (the modem on S2)
                0514-517 ......

        Same with the other TTY's on the 128-port.

        lsdev -Cc tty
                ALL TTYS SHOW UP TWICE!!!!!

        cp /etc/objrepos/CuDv /tmp/CuDv.old
        odmget -q "name like tty*" CuDv > /tmp/CuDv
        vi /tmp/CuDv
                Removed duplicate entries from the file
        odmdelete -q "name like tty*" -o CuDv
        odmadd /tmp/CuDv

        We then ran a script to make the tty's available:


while test $x -le 20
        mkdev -l tty${x}
        x=`expr $x + 1`

        The tty's became available and started working on one of the
        3 RANs on your machine....

sa2 00-02-11    Available       - no ttys on this RAN are defined.
sa3 00-02-21    Available       - These are now working after the
                                  above steps to fix CuDv
sa4 00-02-12    Defined         - 16 defined TTY's here

We tried mkdev -l sa4 but get /usr/lib/methods/cfgasync error...
Is this device really attached?  Is it at AC?  Is the RAN local or

All RAN are local.  sa2 and sa3 really exist.  sa4 is not physically
attached to the system at all but has 16 defined tty's on it.

It turns out that the single ran on line 1 (the defined sa4 with node
number 2) had its node number changed to 1 and therefore the 16
devices deviced on node 2 and sa4 were defined, and the sa2 (this
RAN when the node ID was changed to 1) had no devices defined to it.
Reset the RAN node ID to 2 and all ttys on it began working.

Recommended not a good idea to have a single RAN on a line with a
node number that isn't 1.  Also recommend labeling the RAN with
their location information.

Support Line: No tty's on 128-port are working the console tty on S1 is OK ITEM: BK2226L
Dated: June 1996 Category: N/A
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