ESCON-attached 3490E tape drive cannot be made available.

ENV:  AIX 3.2.5, 3490 tape drives (ESCON attached), 9076 (SP2) and MVS
      mainframe system.
      NOTE:  Customer has two of the 3490 tape drives ESCON attached 
             to the SP2 and to the mainframe.  Customer also has four
             3490 tape drives installed in a 3495 library enclosure
             which is ESCON attached to the nodes and the mainframe. 
             (The 3495 is the MVS version of a 3494 tape library).
.DESC:  Customer cannot vary a 3490 tape drive (one of the standalones)
       online to one of his SP2 nodes.  He is able to vary it online to
       another of the SP2 nodes.
.       Customer received I/O errors (ID A1BBD6B7) on the 3490's in the
       tape library after he tried to vary on the standalone drives to
       the AIX system.  He is also receiving 'resource not available'
       errors from ADSM.
.       When customer attempts to run cfgmgr, he gets the following
        Method error (/usr/sbin/strload): 0514-014 Device class, subclass
                                          and type required.
        strload: cannot initialize dlpi: File exists         (4 times)
        strload: 'echo' already loaded
        strload: 'nuls' already loaded
        strload: 'spx' already loaded
        strload: cannot initialize xtiso: File exists         (4 times)
        strload: 'sc' already loaded
        strload: 'timod' already loaded
        strload: 'tirdwr' already loaded
.ACTION:  lsdev -Cc | more
         3490Edrive1  defined   00-05-00-0A  3490 Tape drive
         escon3490E   available 00-05-00     ESCON Control Unit
         escon0       available 00-05        ESCON Adapter.
         s3900        available 00-05        S/390 ESCON Channel Emulator
.         errpt -a | more
         class H, type P
.         The S390 Channel Emulator should be configured first, then the
         control unit and the channel path, and finally the tape drive.
.         We should check and make sure that all of the above devices are
         available in lsdev.  Also, we need to verify that the character-
         istics of the 3490 tape drive are the same on both systems.
.         The assign/unassign option in SMIT may be the culprit:
         "If this field is set to yes, the tape drive is automatically
         assigned (reserved) to the RISC/6000 host at device configura-
         tion.  Similarly, the tape device is automatically unassigned 
         when the device is changed from the configured state to the
         defined state.  The default is no for no automatic assignment.
         Note:  If the device being configured is already assigned by 
                another host and the assignment field is set to yes, 
                the configuration will fail."
.         Customer called in; the system that cannot vary on the drive
         has the assign/unassign attribute set to 'yes'.  The system
         that has no problem varying on the tape drive has the assign/
         unassign attribute set to 'no'.
.         Customer attempted to delete the definition for the tape drive
         completely, then reconfigure it.  When he tried this, it said
         that the drive was assigned to another system (but didn't say
         which one).
.         Customer has the following configuration:
.                  3490 that we can't varyon
                /                           \\
         Un/Assign=Yes                   Un/Assign=No
         SP2 (frame 1/node 1)            SP2 (frame 4/node1)
         Un/Assign=Yes                   Un/Assign=No
                    \\                     /
                   3490 that we can varyon
         (Both 3490's have identical connections to the SP2 and the
.         When customer changes the Un/Assign characteristic of the 3490
         that we're having problems with to 'yes' on frame 4, node 1, he
         can no longer vary it online to that node.
.         When customer changes the Un/Assign characteristic of the 3490
         that we're having problems with to 'no' on frame 1, node 1, it 
         comes online.
.         I've asked customer to put a tape in the drive that we are 
         having problems with, and we will issue a rewind command to it.
         This should fail.
          tctl -f /dev/3490Edrive1 rewind
          resource temporarily unavailable
.         Checking to see whether the tape drive might have been assigned
         as the system's dump device:
          sysdumpdev -l
          Primary: /dev/hd7
          Secondary: /dev/sysdumpnull
.         Customer commented that prior to 'turning around' frame 4, node
         1, he was not able to vary this 3490 on to the mainframe systems,
         either.  It sounds as though there is a reserve on this device, 
         although we have not been able to determine which system the
         tape drive is reserved for.
.         I've recommended that customer power cycle the 3490 to try to
         break the reserve, then try the rewind command again.
.         Customer called in and left a message that he was able to get
         the 3490 online.  It appears that although the tape drive was
         varied off on the MVS systems, it was showing up in 'boxed'
         format there.  They were able to get the tape drive available
         to the RS/6000 system by varying it on and then off to the MVS
         systems that were listing it as 'boxed'.  The 'boxed' status
         on the mainframe systems went away when they varied the tape
         drive on and then off to the MVS systems.
.NEXT:  Closing call.
.TEST:  None required.

Support Line: ESCON-attached 3490E tape drive cannot be made available. ITEM: CE2206L
Dated: November 1996 Category: N/A
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